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Swords Consultancy Ltd was founded in 1997 by Charley Swords after her successful 18 year career with the Bank of Ireland Group.

It is a specialist company that works across the full spectrum of peak performance, whether it relates to business development, financial or individual performance.  Our professional ethos revolves exclusively around a commitment to improving the performance of our clients in whatever aspects of their professional or personal lives may require assistance.

We specialise in strategic development, and have a deep-rooted understanding of often complex business structures, allied to a totally people-driven approach which seeks to make the most of each individual’s talents and aptitudes.

We have worked successfully right around the world, both in a private capacity and under sub-contract to major international organisations, and our processes and methodologies are equally effective in all economic climates and social cultures.

Swords Consultancy delivers its services and solutions through Charley, and as required, through a diverse team of associated specialist consultants. These professionals have completed a broad range of projects for blue-chip clients in numerous countries around the globe and have a wealth and breadth of experience.

We have an enviable track record of facilitating positive change, for both individuals and the business and corporate sectors.  We are held in high esteem by an extensive range of national and international clients who value the contribution that we have made to bringing about transformation and heightened performance level.



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We identify, interpret and frame opportunities and solutions for organisations to work differently and focus on people – themselves, their customers and their employees.

Acknowledgement of and optimising the human potential of each and every employee in HOW they look after your customers and the systems designed to support them is the way forward. Our speciality lies in clarifying the ‘What and How’ to get results.

Mentoring & COACHING

Providing a blend of mentoring and coaching to business executives and private individuals and to groups or teams, resulting in improved performance and an overall level of greater satisfaction in careers and in life.

All mentoring and coaching is customised based on the motivations and needs of each individual and group.

Training & Development

The experience, natural competencies, skills and attitudes of trainees are challenged and developed to drive improved human performance, customer focus and business results. 

Our solutions based training programmes and workshops deliver added value to both the individual participants and their organisations. All programmes are customisable to meet the specific needs of our clients in developing the skills and capabilities of employees, management and executives.

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